Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Give Away!

Here's the deal. I need new followers on the Facebook page for this blog. If you're following, I am so grateful. If you aren't then I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to do so. I thought about what I stated on the post I did earlier today about the give away and I've changed my mind. (Woman's prerogative right?) So here goes... If you're already following, please ask a friend to give the page a like here. Message me on the page, tell me you did so, give me the friends name who newly liked the page and you'll be entered for the give away. So this way all of you who have been so kind to follow along from the get-go can be entered and so can your friends. I hope this makes sense, I'm so tired from days of crafting and filling the shoppe. A woman's work is never done is an understatement.....

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