Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts And Goodies!

I've been meaning to post this for days but since I've mastered procrastination I've put it off until now. Christmas with JD's family was wonderful but way too short. We celebrated with them on Christmas Eve morning but had to rush out after opening gifts since JD had an appointment in Spartanburg. I adore JD's family, his precious mother and her husband, his wonderful brother and equally wonderful sister in law, his four lovely and sweet daughters and the oldest daughter's new fiance! Yes, that's right, JD's oldest daughter is now engaged! All we can say is "yay" for them, they are absolutely perfect for one another! If you would like to read their story, just click here. It's a great story that I love hearing them tell.
I'd also like to share some of the gifts I received from JD's family this year. I loved and appreciated everything so very much and wish that I had the funds to reciprocate. Maybe the coming year will be better to me financially and I'll be able to do just that! Nothing would make me happier!
(Note to the family, I hope it's okay that I shared pictures, if not let me know and I'll remove them!)

Soft and comfy pj's (or jammers as we refer to them) from JD's mother and step dad. They're my new favorites!

A pineapple slicer from JD's brother and sister in law. Yay! I can't wait to use it! I love me some kitchen gadgets!

Cranberry soap from JD's two oldest girls. I. Love. This. Soap. It came from Soap For The Soul that I've blogged about before. S'wonderful!

Cranberry Punch candle, also from JD's two oldest daughters. OMGoodness! Y'all have to check out Soap For The Soul! 
I love this dish way too much, it's staying out all winter!

Handmade candy from JD's brother and sister in law. Yummy goodness! They should market this stuff. You can't get anything store bought that even comes close! Maybe they'll share their recipe with us sometime?

JD checking out one of his gifts.  

Number two.

JD often refers to his girls as one, two, three and four, so I'll do the same here.

From left to right, four and three. 

Number one with her fiance. And the ring. And two beautiful smiles! 

JD's brother and sister in law. 

JD's mother and step dad.

JD says that he's been blessed to grow up in this family, surrounded  with love. He also says that he feels truly blessed to be surrounded by four wonderful, caring and loving daughters. You know what? He's right. He is truly blessed. You know what else? So am I...