Friday, December 21, 2012

Meet Fluffy Boo-Boo...

Previously known as Georgiana, Georgi, Georgi Girl and several other aliases but since Wednesday afternoon she's been called Fluffy Boo-Boo. She's totally ignoring me here (as usual), getting some grooming finished up.

Now on with the story. Why has JD named her Fluffy Boo-Boo? Well, it ain't a pretty story but here goes. On Wednesday afternoon I was doing some laundry. I loaded the dryer with about ten pieces of delicates, not a bunch of towels. I turned the dryer on and it made the most atrocious sound I've ever heard from a dryer. Like I was drying tractor tires. My first thought was, great the dryer's broken. I opened the dryer door and to my complete horror out jumped Georgianna. I freaked out to say the least! All of this took place in less than thirty seconds, thank goodness...
She ran into the den with me right behind her, apologizing profusely, trying to soothe her (and me).
JD asked what had happened and I told him the horrible story. He just laughed that gentle chuckle of his and asked:

Are you okay Fluffy Boo-Boo? 
She's fine, doesn't seem to have any sore spots (based on the way she runs throughout the cottage) and is eating well. Half a jar of treats and much loving later I think she's going to be fine. Before you judge, just understand that this completely unraveled me. To. The. Core.
Will I make sure she isn't in there every time I go to dry laundry?
You bet your sweet dryer sheet I will!

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