Saturday, December 15, 2012

Plowin' and Chowin'

Okay, I've done some of the plowing for the new herb beds and got the lavender planted. Tonight I will be chowing for sure, I'm starving! Above is the hand plow I used. Mr. M. a friend of mine gave this plow and originally I intended to use it as a prop outside of the shoppe. He didn't use it and didn't have anywhere to store it and I literally jumped at the chance to have it for my own. Yesterday I played around with it to remove some weeds from the existing herb bed and I was instantly smitten with it! You can't imagine how well it works on removing the top layer of sod from the ground. That's when I decided to use it to dig the new bed and it worked wonderfully!

I got the lavender in the ground today since it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Luckily I can be right outside the shoppe while I'm working on the gardens.

I also get to let the chickens out of the coop while I'm working out there. First only Mignon ran out while the other three watched her from inside. 

Then Flossie and Lula Belle joined in on the hen party. 

I guess they didn't invite Mabel. Poor lil thing. They never invite her. Seriously, she never leaves the coop. She'll stand there and watch from the ledge of the door but she ain't leavin'. Anyone have any theories on this? Other than the fact that maybe she's just (sorry I can't help it) chicken...

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