Friday, November 9, 2012

Shed Update!

I'm trudging along with the paint. Still. I'm not complaining, well yeah I think I am. I'm just ready to be done. The walls are finished, Now on to the ceiling and the floor after that. I actually enjoy painting, but I'm way over the joy of the new paint and ready to get finished and decorate it!!! Patience isn't my thing...

Here's a photo taken late yesterday of the new window, courtesy of JD, what would I do without him? 

This is the back, right corner of the shed, that used to look like the picture below. 

Much better. I'm back to work now after a quick salad for lunch. 

When can it look like this? Stay tuned...


  1. It's looking good so far!

  2. Very exciting! :) When are you hoping to open?

  3. Thanks Robin! Trying my best to get it opened up on November 16th. Second coat of paint on the ceiling tomorrow and the floor too. Yay!

  4. Love seeing the progress!! The last picture is great pretty! :)