Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Eggs Anyone?

Yesiree, we have us some "aigs", now granted they're small ones but they're still eggs. See how tiny they are? The larger egg is only a small one, so that kind of let's you know just how petite the bantam eggs are. Flossie has consistently laid one per day since she started last week and she's still one very proud little girl. I just wish she would clue her sisters in on how it's done, so that they would start laying :) Maybe soon!
Now, what will I make with her eggs? I keep thinking of doing something really special with them but honestly all I really want is an egg sandwich with cheese, Duke's mayonnaise and freshly sliced tomato. With hash browns on the side, cooked with onions. Might as well put some cheese on those too. 'Scuse me, I have a date with a certain cast iron skillet...

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