Friday, August 17, 2012

What'cha Think?

So here it is, the shed in the backyard of the cottage. Jam packed with a lifetime of...stuff. Not all of it is junk though. About half of it consists of things to do with gardening. Things that I have to keep. And if you think it's full now you should have seen it before the big "clean out" this past spring. This shed and the one behind it were wall to wall full. I haven't missed a thing that went to Hospice. Nothing. 
But on to the reason for these pics...this is where I would like to start my little herb store, kitchen soft goods, etc. shop. I'm thinking that after I empty the shed, a good bit of paint will be in order. Then some rearranging of shelves and of course tons of cleaning. It will still be rustic, but clean and painted. So now I'm asking you for your it feasible? What'cha think?

1 comment:

  1. Totally feasible...what does the outside look like? I hope we get to follow you along on this transformation!