Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Remember Saturday's list I had to check off? You can see it here if you haven't read it already. Anywho, I got it checked off and documented the day in photos. No, I'm not that bored. Really...

There's only one word that evokes this expression from Georgianna. Treat!

Cleaned the coop and fed the chickens Check. (the hens ran away from the camera)

Removed the skins, chopped and put the tomatoes in the freezer. Check.

Went back to the coop later and got these eggs. Beautiful!

One of ten times I washed dishes. Check.

Got the peppers dried. Check. It really does make the hens lay more eggs!

More dishes. Check.

Cut up a fresh pineapple. Hey, that was work! Check.

Watered the herbs and lettuces. Check.

Shelled and cooked the peas. I decided we would eat them fresh on Sunday. so good. They're Calico peas, a variety of Crowder peas, heirlooms. My favorite! Check!

And dinner at the end of the day! The best part of the day and made all of the work totally worth it. Pan seared steak with pineapple relish, cheese biscuits, and salad. 
Oh. My. Goodness. Check...


  1. Hmm, steak. Sounds like a productive day!

    1. Well, it was two very small ones, that I got in the "get 'em now" section at IGA if you know what I mean. Four dollars for both. But still it was red meat and it was good!

  2. Busy, Busy woman! That dinner looks amazing! :)

  3. Hi Delana,

    Actually your kitten got my attention ;) Love pineapple and greenie veggies...