Friday, September 28, 2012

Let The Fun Begin!

Last time you saw the shed/shoppe this is what it looked like. I'm beyond thrilled to tell you that the shed is now empty! Well except for the items that remained to either hold merchandise or to actually be merchandise. Scroll down to see how it looks now...

I can't believe that there was an old iron bed hiding behind all of that stuff. Surely I can find a way to use it after it's painted...

I can't wait to get the paint out and get started!

So excited to have the little cabinet...

This metal bar isn't staying but I'm gonna have to have some help to get it down...

At least now I can begin to envision what the little shed can become!

This is the area of the yard that surrounds the shed. Lots of clearing, cleaning and trimming is going to have to be out here. Wouldn't a cute table covered by some sort of awesome umbrella look nice here?

More clearing and trimming, yay! I spent most of the day in the shed yesterday and I can tell you that it just about got the best of me. I was so tired last night that I didn't really feel like eating, haven't known that emotion much in my life, 'cause I like me some food! 
So now it's time to paint and decorate and that's my 'thing'. I can't wait to get started on it next week!
So what did I do with all of the stuff in the shed? Well some it will go to the recycle center (or the dump as we call it) today...

The rest of it went to shed number two, what else was I gonna do with it? Just to let you know, see that old red mower? That would be how this girl mows the clover around here. Ain't life fun?

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  1. I don't see you being bored anytime soon :-)!
    Now the fun begins!