Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Herb Beds!

Finally I have one of the herb beds, dug, composted and planted. Lucky for me I found the herbs for one dollar each at the Hendersonville Tailgate Market. That's at least one third of what I normally pay for them and I really appreciate getting them for that. By the way if you live in or around this area, the Balson family will be at the market for one more Saturday and they had a nice selection of herbs to choose from. I got tarragon, thyme, sage and some new mints.

The mint pictured above it lavender mint and it does not disappoint. It truly smells like lavender!

This is Scotch mint and I adore it, it's much brighter smelling than most mints. I also got some apple mint at Padula's plants near Greer, SC last week. I'm planning on finishing up painting and finally decorating the shed this coming week. I'll keep you up to date with photos. \
Hope you're all having a blessed, relaxing and peaceful weekend!


  1. I sure wish you could pass your green thumb to me! I can't keep an artificial plant alive. ;) I'm sure you will love using your new herbs.

  2. Herbs are easy, I'm sure you could grow them. I've planted HUGE herb gardens at my two previous homes and had to leave them behind so I'm looking forward to having them again!