Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving At The Cottage!

On Friday JD's two youngest daughters came over and brought pumpkins with them for all of us to carve. We had ham sandwiches first and then it was on, what a fun time!

JD sometimes refers to the girls as one, two, three and four. The photo above is of number four, hard at work with her carving.

Here's number three, scooping out the 'guts' as they call it. 

JD masterfully creating...

I thought it was funny that they chose to place the pumpkins on the hood of their car. All four of JD's girls are just plain fun and we missed numbers one and two joining in on this!

Number three's masterpiece...

Number four's piece de resistance...

JD's punkin'...

What was I doing while they were carving? Taking pics of course. I did clean the 'guts' out of one and scooped them clean on the inside though. Did you know that a plastic ice cream scoop works great for that chore? It does! It's sharp and makes it easy to scoop all the junk out. Just sayin'...

After the carving was over number three napped on the sofa with JD. And number four who is taking cosmetology classes at the local vocational school curled my hair and styled it. I wish I had taken a photo of it before I messed it up. She really has a knack for the styling thing. I love getting my hair curled! Thanks to JD and the girls for a fun filled afternoon!


  1. I hate we missed it! Looks like ya'll had a good time!

  2. wow! nice work