Monday, April 16, 2012

Checking The List...

I am in the process of cleaning 'out' the cottage. I'm tired of clutter. Inside and out. In the past week I have taken ten large baskets to our local Hospice House thrift store. I have also given two friends four large bags of clothes. Good riddance! I haven't missed one single thing. This Saturday I will be having a yard sale. Everything is fifty cents and under. I'm serious about getting rid of it. Anything that doesn't sell? To Hospice it will go. So today's list consisted of another trip to HH, a trip to the recycle center, (lots of trash too!), planting tomatoes and working on the chicken coop. Hoorah, the list for today has been checked!
How it looked before I started this morning.  Not too good!

How the area looks after some weeding. Better!

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