Thursday, April 26, 2012

Festus Bit The Big One...

This is JD and Festus. Festus is the turkey with his head dragging the ground. JD is the turkey holding Festus. Just kidding. JD got him yesterday morning which was a good thing for us, since it's the last week of turkey hunting in this area. It wasn't such a good thing for Festus. He also made an appearance at our dinner table last night after marinating in Italian salad dressing all afternoon. I have posted photos of JD removing the breast meat. If you would like to see those, please go to and click on the 'around the cottage page to view them. It isn't a bloody deal, but if things like this disturb you, please don't look at the photos. If you would like to see us preparing the dinner from last night, please visit for the recipe and photos. I have a few more plans for Festus and dinner down the road. Do you know how delicious fresh turkey is? I hope you do!

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