Friday, April 27, 2012

Overdue Projects!

This one goes far and beyond being considered overdue. This project should have been tackled twenty years ago. Excuse me, I was raising a very busy son, working full time and well, you all know the drill. Excuses aside, I have the paint and the time now. This is the bedroom furniture from my childhood. Why do I still have it? Blame it on the ex. He never saw any reason to buy new, so I'm still the proud owner of it. I know it looks purdy rough in these photos, but it is even worse viewed live. But today its the day I'm going to tackle it! C'mon ugly, dingy furniture, I can take you on, big girl!
I'm ready, it's too wet outside to do anything in the yard, and I like to paint. It's like therapy for me. Fresh white  coats of paint. What could be more soothing to the soul? Well, a good ham and cheese omelet would work pretty well right now....
PS, can't wait to get rid of the gold trim on this stuff! What were my parents thinking? Gold? Seriously?

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