Friday, July 13, 2012

And The Give Away Winner Is...

A big congrats to Southern Belle Mama! She's the winner of the latest give away from Clover Cottage! The prize is a hand towel or t-shirt with the flip flop motif in her choice of colors. Thanks to everyone who entered, I'll be having another give away soon! I'm working on some new aprons, so maybe that will be the prize next time.
I'm sitting here wondering what kind of weekend plans everyone has. Mine will be low key (if I'm lucky!) I'm having lunch with a friend today at Delightful Dishes in Inman. Yay! It's my favorite! I love their chicken salad better than well, better than a lot of things. I may even get a double scoop! And they serve it with amazing cheese wafers. Might need to double up on those too. I'm starving, can you tell? 
Looks like I may have to mow clover tomorrow, I'm not sure yet. Ahh, maybe not. Might as well push that off until Monday. Tomorrow evening will be dinner at JD's mother's and her husband, Mr. M's home with JD's girls, his brother and sister in law and their son who is in the military. Dinner is always wonderful at JD's mom's and it will be good to see his family again. Wonder what we're gonna eat? It doesn't matter, it's always beyond delicious!
Sounds like I'm going to be eating really well, doesn't it? Like I've said before, food takes up a bunch of my brain space. Wonder what's for dinner tonight...

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  1. Yay! I won!! :) What a happy Friday for me! Low key weekends are good; I've had several lately. I'm headed to a concert with a friend tonight, so I'm looking forward to that!