Monday, July 23, 2012

The Morning After The Storm, With Video

We had what my grandmother would refer to as a "doozie" of a storm last Friday afternoon. Come to think of it, the storm wasn't that bad, just tons of rain in a short time and some wind. Those two elements combined resulted in a tree limb falling in my front yard. I heard it, which is never a good thing and it sounded like a car wreck except that it shook the ground. Since the cottage is pretty much surrounded by tall oak trees, I wasn't sure which window to look out first. So I started in the kitchen and saw nothing, then on to the sun porch, still nothing which led me to the front door. Ah hah! A limb that's about twice my size, laying right at the storm door. If it had fallen one inch closer, there would've been some pretty bad damage to the roof and front door. Thanks be to God for keeping all in tact...
I decided to go out the next morning with my camera and create a little video of the fallen limb and the cottage yard. Please forgive the shakiness and other errors and complete lack of experience, I am only a beginner after all and it shows...
P.S. To Chris VanCleave
If you read this, please don't judge me by the condition of the rose bushes, or lack thereof...we both need help!

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