Thursday, July 5, 2012

A New Day...

First of all let me say that I totally forgot that yesterday was "Wordless Wednesday". Totally. I blogged and blogged. Oh well, it is a new day, thanks be to God!
Hope you had a lovely Independence Day. Nothing special here really. I worked all day, had a little bbq and went to church. Yep, that was it.
I'm running at full throttle, working on things for Clover Cottage Creations to sell at the street market on Saturday. We won't have tons of stuff, but enough to get the idea across and hopefully make a little money too.
I love the tractor towel I'm working on that you see above. It's much cuter than the photo, the lighting in the cottage is terrible this time of day. No really, it is :)
Around the cottage...
It's still hot. The chickens have done well through the heat. Only another month or so and I can begin to look for eggs. I'm stoked about fresh eggs. Yes, I said stoked. I won't use it again. For awhile.
Georgianna has been rather lethargic lately. I'm hoping it's just the heat, she's eating and drinking just fine. This heat is enough to make anyone or anything lethargic. She's an anyone in case you were wondering. Well to me anyway.
JD is JD. You have to know him to understand. He's toughing out the heat rather well. He's not a complainer like me. Rough, tough country man. To. The. Core.
I'm hoping to get back in the kitchen soon and cook something worth posting on Cottage Cuisine. Something that isn't on there already or isn't so basic. Maybe some Chicken Parmesan? Mmm, that sounds good! Must be lunch time, I'm hungry.
I'm always hungry...


  1. I'd be stoked about fresh eggs too! A coworker brings me a dozen every other week or so when we're in school and I'm really missing them this summer. Maybe I need to look into getting my own chickens...this will make my husband very happy! :)

  2. You should get some chickens! They are a lot of fun, and not really much work.