Monday, July 16, 2012

JD And Dawgs And YouTube!

Danielle and Rae Rae , this one's for you!
JD's two oldest daughters have quite an affinity for what they lovingly refer to as "burned weenies". And I must admit, somewhere along the way I began to love them too. And JD must have developed some sort of appreciation for them because I've seen him eat plenty of them. The method goes something like this:
Cook the hot dogs until they're black, the photo above probably isn't done enough for his girls, but our stomachs are older, if you get my drift. When the franks are almost done enough, they take a mixture of mustard based and sweet barbeque sauce and brush them a few times. Then eat them...
When JD explained this method of slicing and cooking hot dogs that he had seen on a cooking show, I immediately thought of his girls and how they might enjoy this too. More of the surface would be cooked and the bbq sauce could get down into the meat. It worked well, not only with the sauce but the condiments too, everything melded together instead of just sitting on top. 
I made a video of JD preparing and cooking the "dawgs". Just click here to watch! Hope y'all enjoy  it, I enjoyed putting it together and now dreaming of vlogging...

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