Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Dew...

As I explained last week, southern women do NOT produce sweat. It's dew. For the last four days, I can honestly say that I have resembled the cartoon above. It's been so hot that I've had to wake the chickens up to feed and water them and clean the coop. Yes, it's been just that bad here in the upstate of South Carolina. Anything you want to do outside MUST be done before the sun comes up. If you want to use the clothes dryer, better do that on your way in from the outside chores. Then it's pull the curtains, shades, close up the sun room and keep yourself inside. The really awful part is that just down the road, there are folks who have no electricity, which means no a/c. I'm so sorry for them and praying for them fervently. I'm also praying that mine doesn't go out, selfish as that may seem...
I'm not a hot natured person and I don't think I've ever had a hot flash, except for the continuous one that started last Thursday evening. It takes a lot for me to break a dew. Normally. But not in this heat. I'm also praying for those that are hot natured and the sisters out there who experience hot flashes. Lord have mercy!!!
There was a bright spot in this weekend though, JD's four daughters came for lunch and spent a little time with us yesterday afternoon and were gracious even though it was about eighty five degrees in the den. Hey, that was a vast improvement over the cottage kitchen during lunch, it was about ninety five! Thanks girls, y'all could brighten up any dire situation! Oh, and I got a real treat, something I've rarely known since adulthood. Danielle did my hair in a french braid with a cute bun on top! It got my hair off of my neck and who doesn't like having their hair done? I have a son. Son's don't do hair. Well, not mine anyway. It truly was delightful!
Well, I have to go do the rest of the chores that require movement...or else it's mountain dew all the way...stay cool!

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  1. Hi! Just visiting from blog star!

    I agree; this heat has been unbearable! I'm in NC and it's just been terrible. I've been glistening quite a bit myself lately! Thank heavens for sweet tea!