Sunday, July 8, 2012


You'll never guess what I saw someone wearing at church this morning. Okay you're right, it was gloves. Did the photo give it away? 
I was beyond surprised when I saw them. I haven't seen anyone wear gloves to church since I was a small child. What amazed me even more was the fact that the person wearing the gloves was a girl about the age of ten. The sight immediately swept me back to my own youth when my little grandmother, known to all as 'Nanny' would don her white gloves on Sunday morning. When I say she was little, I mean tiny, which was wonderful for me. I could wear her clothes, shoes and the beloved gloves for dress up and they actually fit! It wasn't that I was a huge child, she was just a very small adult. I too wanted to be a small adult, just like Nanny and Mrs. Jackson who also attended church with us. Mrs. Jackson even had gloves to match every suit she wore. I thought that was the coolest of cools. In my mind she must have been rich, for Nanny only had a couple of pairs of white gloves, along with some older white gloves that she didn't wear any longer. Those were the ones I got to play dress up with, not the new ones. They were strictly for Sunday morning, and even touching those would grant you a trip to the hickory bush to break off your own hickory for her to 'switch' you with. Never could get the reasoning behind that...go break the hickory switch that I'm going to use on you. My own son would have laughed me out of the house had I requested that from him.
Back to the gloves... the sight of them this morning made me a little remorseful that we don't 'dress' for church like we did when I was a child. I miss it!
But then again, on days like this when it's 100 degrees in the shade, I'm very grateful that I didn't have to wear hose. Gloves are one story, hose are an animal of a completely different color!

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  1. I love to see ladies dressed for church...especially with wonderful hats! Hopefully that will be me one day!