Saturday, July 14, 2012

Field Trip!

I don't know about you, but as a student in elementary school, I lived for field trips. Never mind where we went, that didn't even matter to me. We were going somewhere besides the classroom and that was good enough! I haven't given field trips much thought in years until  yesterday when I took a little field trip to JD's aunt D and uncle R's home. I call it a field trip because it was educational.
 I'm interested in a little bit of many things and sometimes it even amazes me as to what will spark an interest. This time it was a huge cement cylinder. Nah, it don't take much, you're right...
JD and I hauled this gi-normous thing on a trailer one evening over to his uncles home and the three of us managed to get it off of the trailer and onto the ground. His uncle explained what his plans were and I (not being able to grasp the description) asked if I might have a look-see when he was finished with his project. He assured me that he would be glad for me to visit when it was complete. I couldn't wait! Two weeks passed and the other morning at Sunday church services he told me that he was ready for me to come on over and he would show me his newly completed project. A sprinkler that pumps water from his creek to his garden. 
So yesterday in the pouring rain, rubber boots on and umbrella ready, we took a walk through the side yard and down to the creek. There stood the cylinder with the pump in the middle, lines and pipes running to the basement and the huge garden. With a flip of the switch his garden is watered and it's economical and green and earth friendly. And genius.
I know that many folks use this exact method to water, but until I saw it for myself and had it explained in detail to me, it just didn't mean that much. 
And now, I have sprinkler envy! 
Huge thanks to JD's uncle R and aunt D for the lovely visit and 
a field trip!
PS... I would have taken pics, but the rain was just too much. I also passed the most beautiful fields of sunflowers on the way out their place and vowed to get photos of those on the way back, but again, the rain interfered. Looks like maybe I'll have to take another little journey over there soon! Until then we'll have to settle for the pic of my one, lonesome sunflower...

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