Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love Me Some Summer, But...

My boots...

I'm honestly looking forward to boot season! Every time I go to dress, I stare at the cowboy boots in the floor of my closet and sigh. How nice it would be to don my cowboy boots with a cute skirt! But it's just too hot. And my boots are suede, not leather. Won't work. Leather yes, but no way on suede. I know this, because I saw it on television and that makes it so, right? Which leads me to this: I want new boots. A job would be nice, but boots would be better! Maybe from the boot fairy...
These are the boots I'm after:

The boots I want..(two would be good)

Gorgeous! So listen up boot fairy, if you're out there and paying attention, this is what I'm after.
And this winter, as I go to dress and put on these boots, I'll look at my flip flops and sigh. Thinking of how my toes and feet are longing to be free in a pair of flip flops.
It ain't easy being me...


  1. Those boots are great! I bought a pair of Lucchese boots last winter and I've worn them a few times this summer, but they're kinda hot on the toes. Hope the boot fairy comes to visit you!!

    1. I hope so too! I don't know Lucchese brand, so now I'll have to look them up!