Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Got My Blog Did!

I've seen so many blogs that I just adore. I even adore my own. For the first three days. I'm fickle with design of any kind, because my 'design' mood changes daily. I'm drawn to pastels, pinks and greens, the palest of blues and always white. White is my favorite color to live with, but white on a blog page is boring...yawn. As soon as I get my pastel groove going, I run upon a blog that just wows me with sunflowers and bright, bold oranges and I'm in love...Again. For the third time this month. Fickle, fickle.
Yesterday I hopped over to 'The Cutest Blog On The Block' and browsed around for a new look. I found so many backgrounds that really appealed to me, so I took one for each blog and I was so excited! 
But as fate would have it, yesterday was a  pink and green day and it looks like today is a sunflower day... 


  1. It looks great! I am fickle too, which is why I make my own blog headers...I change too often to pay anyone for 1 set design!

    1. Thanks! No way would I pay for one! Thankfully there are people out there to supply my fickleness for free. lol! Yours is really cute and I'm impressed that you do your own!