Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hen Party!

The girls are growing for sure! They've almost doubled in size since I brought them to the cottage almost six weeks ago. HUGE announcement: they will begin eating laying mash this weekend, and hopefully in about eight weeks, we'll have eggs. Cottage fresh eggs. I know 'farm fresh' sounds better, but if you could see just how tiny the cottage yard is, you would understand that using the word 'farm' would be a hoot. Or cackle...

From left to right, Mable, Mignon, Miss Lottie, and Grace Ivey...

Miss Lottie strikes a pose!

And another one! She was feeling especially photogenic yesterday.
There's one girl missing from the photos, it's Flossie, so called from the nickname folks gave to my grandmother. Oh yea, she was behaving just like her name sake. She refused to have her picture taken yesterday. I think she was jealous of Miss Lottie, she kept pecking her on the back. 
Bad Flossie...

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