Monday, June 4, 2012

Laundry and Lowe's

"She'll never find me in here..." Oh yes she will! Georgianna loves freshly dried laundry, she always has. When she was a tiny kitten, it was much more difficult to find her in it, but not so much nowadays. So, there's laundry to fold, and new porch furniture to wash. And quite possibly new cushions to purchase for said furniture. I see Lowe's in my immediate future. I have inherited some wicker furniture from JD's daughter and I'm thinking it's going on the sun porch. If I weren't too lazy, I'd snap a pic to show you, but I'll just do that later, after I've washed it...
 Looks like today is going to be a day of rearranging, as I have to make room on the sun porch for the new additions. The room itself is hardly large enough to 'cuss a cat' as my mother would say, but then again, I'm not one to cuss a cat. I fold the laundry, then wash the furniture, then go to Lowe's? 
Nah, that's crazy, why would I work when I can shop?

No, I didn't put make up on to tromp around the garden center at Lowe's...
This photo is from yesterday 'cause who wears make up to Lowe's?