Friday, June 29, 2012

Winner Announced!

Congratulations Joycekk! You're the winner of our give away! Just shoot us an email and let us know what your choice of prize is and give us your mailing address. Thanks to all three of you everyone who entered! 
I've been so busy this week that I haven't had time to do more than 'scan' the blogs I read on a regular basis, so I'm feeling a bit out of touch with my 'other' world. I love blog world and look forward to reading all of those I follow. I haven't even pinned an original pin this week! Only repins. I think. Now I'm not so sure....being blonde has it's advantages. I blame a lot on it...
Any-hoo! JD's girls are coming over on Sunday for lunch and little hanging out. We're both very excited and looking forward to being with them. He's a blessed man with four wonderful daughters, thank heaven for little girls! (I know you're all grown, but not as much as we are...)
Speaking of which, I have some prep work to do on the cottage. The craft room has spread out and now it's become the craft cottage. It's a wreck!
Thank goodness Melissa and I decided to wait until later to take our 'show' of the items we've made on the road. She's in the middle of moving and her wedding is coming up and she's feeling a bit overwhelmed, understandably. It's okay, we'll keep working and that means we'll have more to take with us when we do get to go. Positive attitude, hopefully, will take us a long way!
I hope you all have a great weekend, do something fun! If you have a pool, take a swim for me, or better yet, lay on a float for me and drift around. Put some sunscreen on too since you're floating for me. I burn easily...

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