Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kee Ke Ri Kee! Is There A Rooster In The Coop?

Just before six o'clock this morning, I heard a really funny noise outside of my bedroom window. It sounded just like a rooster. I don't HAVE a rooster. Or do I? I went outside, opened the coop door and went in. Looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary. No intruders, nothing. The girls were still sitting in the roosting boxes, except for Grace Ivey (she's the golden one in the pic above). Miss Grace was on top of the box, making a sound that resembled a rooster crowing. What!!!
I sprinkled some feed on the ground and one by one they flew down to eat. All except for Grace Ivey. She just sat up there and made that sound a few more times before descending to join the others. 
She doesn't have a rooster's comb. Yet. Is she confused or is it me? 
Oh, BTW, kee kee rickee is Italian for cockle doodle doo....

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