Monday, June 18, 2012

Saying Good-bye...

I had to say good-bye to Miss Lottie Mr. Lott and Grace Bruce Ivey this morning. I know they're "just" chickens, but still I was already attached to them. Then again I name the writing spiders that live outside the sun porch windows. Notice I said outside.
JD and I put the roosters into a cage and I took them back to the farm where they were born and explained to them on the way that they were going to the "old home place" to live again. They didn't understand of course. They liked it really well here at the cottage. Who wouldn't? Well fed, well loved, what's not to like?
So after releasing them and bidding them farewell, it was time to pick out a hen. I just let Dawn, the lady at Restoration Farm do the picking. She placed the hen into the cage and we were off, back to the cottage. On the drive home, I asked her what would she like for me to call her, and she in turn asked me what my grandmother's favorite aunts name was, to which I replied "Aunt Lula". She stated that she loved that name and would be pleased to take it for her own. So that was settled and in no time we were inside the coop here. And then it was on. The other hens are definitely not thrilled to have Aunt Lula living with them. I guess it will take some time, but I do hope they will warm up to her. Y'all say hey to Aunt Lula, she could use the attention!

I will miss Grace Ivey and Miss Lottie.  I had really started to enjoy their serenades every morning...

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