Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Gonna Do Better Today....

Mornin' Y'all...

If like me, you're hungry this morning and want to make the recipe in the photo above, just click
Or, stay here and read about how I'm going to actually get some things accomplished today. 
First on the list:
Clean the chicken coop. Ya know, I wanted chickens for a long time, I mean I read and read and read about having them and taking care of them. But nothing and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for all of the poo. Nothing. Now, when they start giving me eggs in exchange for poo cleaning, I may be a little more understanding, but until then, you'd think they could hold it back a little. 
Clean the coop.
I wish that someone with tougher hands than mine would show up at my door and ask to clean the sun porch with bleach. I severely regret all of those lovely spring mornings when I opened up the doors out there and let the fresh air and two inches of pollen in. 
Bleach the walls of the sun porch. 
Mow clover. Unless of course it rains. Lord I hope it does. But then the clover will only be higher tomorrow. 
This will only happen if thirdly doesn't. Work on the pillow covers for the bench in the kitchen. 
Ditch it all and go shopping. 
Just kidding. Please kick me if I mention starting another project before I fold and put away the twelve loads of laundry on the guestroom bed...

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