Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wicker Woes...

These are the wicker pieces that I spoke of yesterday. They're in pretty good shape, extremely sturdy and I'm oh so  thankful to JD's daughter to have it for the sun porch.
 Now, having said that, let's go back to yesterday morning. To the point where I took off on a trip  to look for cushions and pillows. I was optimistic, surely there would be something I would like. I didn't have to love it, just something I can live with, you know?
It wasn't meant to be. What was supposed to be a quick jaunt for cushions turned into an entire day of shopping for cushions. The first store I went to is only about fifteen minutes from the cottage, in Boiling Springs. I went in two other stores, and found just more of the same. Nothing. 
Not to be discouraged, I decided to go to Spartanburg, where I visited at least ten stores, finally finding something I thought maybe I could live with as far as cushions go but still nothing on the pillows. 
Lastly, I drove to Target and while I didn't find pillows, I did find pillow covers that I LOVE! 
Back to the cottage, cleaned the furniture, and plopped the cushions down. 
Love the pillow covers, can't live with the cushions. They've been placed back into their bag and will be returned tomorrow. 
I now have a plan and will fill you in when it comes to fruition. 
I do realize that it's me and my taste and my pocket book.
Everyone else seems to find things they just adore.
Don't they?

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