Friday, June 22, 2012

A Week's Work...

Well, almost a week's work, I've started some other things, but they aren't ready to photograph yet. These pics aren't the greatest, I took them in a hurry, can you tell? I should have taken a little more pains with them, because they really don't do the items justice. I'll do better when I get them posted on the website :)
These are dishtowels that I've been working on and they really have turned out cute. I especially love the beading on them, dishtowels should be pretty too!
I'm also working on  tablecloths and aprons as well. Hopefully we'll have enough to open up shop next weekend at the farmer's market in Columbus, NC. 
I mentioned 'crunch' time at the beginning of the week and I'm feeling it even more now. I could use two or three of me, but one of me is quite exhausting, I can imagine living with more of me...I'm rambling I know, I tend to do that when I'm tired exhausted.
And guess what? I get to do yard work tomorrow! Yippee! Clover mowing!!!
Any-hoo, y'all let me know what you think of the items, if it's nice...
If not, well, let me know that too I guess. Might as well know the truth, even if it's ugly...


  1. Um, I think an apron with the flip-flops would be adorable! I'd buy it :)

  2. Okay, I'm working on it! Thanks!