Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Week. So Far....

I haven't accomplished much of anything on my to do list this week. I really can't say why, I just haven't. So here it is Thursday already and I'm feeling the crunch. My bad, I know, but still... BTW, isn't Georgiana precious in this pic? 
Now, back to the list. I volunteered to make cole slaw for a church dinner this morning. First I'll have to go and get the cabbage, and about forty other items on my grocery list. Then there's the chicken coop, which isn't looking at all like I want it to. The girls are doing well  so far, and I'm grateful for that. Maybe I can spend some time out there this afternoon and do some sprucing up. I've been meaning to write about their sleeping habits, which leave me perplexed to say the least. I gave them all a box of their own to nest on and what do they do? They climb their little ladder every evening, one at a time, and then huddle up on top of the center box. Go figure...
I haven't quite finished the bedroom furniture painting project either. Ya know, I should probably shut the laptop down and get with it... What'cha think? 

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