Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Afternoon...

It's quiet this afternoon around the cottage, well except for the forty-eleven motorcycles zooming by, but who pays them any attention? Especially when the glass vases on the wooden window valance rattle as they go by? It's all good, it really is. I live right on the road and it's a 'scenic' highway in upstate SC, near the mountains, so who can blame them. Maybe I should get one. Not. I don't have anything against them, but if I actually had a death wish, I would be more likely to be seen or a horse, not a Harley. I love the idea of riding a horse, but I'm chicken. Tell you what though, I have been entertaining the thoughts of an old timey bicycle. More than for riding, I'd just like to see it leaned against a tree in my yard, though I would probably ride it from time to time. Maybe down to the country store and back, considering it's just across the street from the produce stand, which is next door to the cottage.
I'm sitting here taking a day off and thinking of what all I need to do around here in the coming week. Let me list it for you:

  • finish painting bedroom furniture
  • finish painting the coop 
  • paint the swing
  • paint the fence
  • plant peppers, cilantro and oregano
  • mow the clover
Let's see how far I get with that and we'll talk about it. Add all of that to laundry, cleaning, dusting, mopping, cooking and taking photos so that I can post them on Cottage Cuisine. Oh, and have I mentioned lately that I need a job? Who in the world has time to work with all of this to do!
Update on the girls...
They've survived another night and seem to be okay so far. Miss Lottie is still the friendliest and still my favorite, though I love them all. I can't wait until they give me fresh eggs, but that won't be for a few months yet. Miss Georgiana cannot for the life of her figure out what I'm talking sweet talk to out in the yard. She would freak out if she knew it involved fowl, so I won't tell her...

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