Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chicken Coop Time...

We're almost ready to get a few hens and bring them to their new home. Finally. This project seems like it's been going on forever and I'm STILL working on it and will be, for awhile. I might as well go ahead and buy a five gallon bucket of white paint. And then, knowing me, I'll want to 'decorate' the coop. I do want my girls to have a nice home after all. I had some coop decor in mind from the beginning and then I visited 'The Fancy Farm Girl' blog. Oh. My. Goodness. What a coop! 
I'm going out to do some painting before the carpenter bees get to buzzing around. Just wanted to share with you some photos from beginning to present day coop. 
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Day 1. See the white wall with the shrubbery in front? That's been torn down, wall and shrubbery.

The inside of the coop today, sans the old boards of the wall standing there.

JD admiring the door he made. Bless him. He's sick of working on this thing! I promise to make him lots of eggs, just how he likes them!
I'll post today's progress later, after I've actually gone and made some progress that is!

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