Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Furniture Redo...

Good morning from the cottage! It's a rainy one out there today, which is good because our rain totals are down for the year. Still, I know that will only make the clover grow and that means I have mowing in my immediate future. I love warm weather for what reason? Vicious, vicious cycle!

Here's the furniture I've been working on. I'm not too far from finishing it and I'll be happy when it's complete. Not that I mind doing it, it's been easy enough, I just can't wait to have fresh, white furniture in the bedroom! Oh and this is only the  beginning. I'll be moving to the bathroom to give the cabinet and trim in there a new coat of paint, then on to the kitchen cabinets from there. That's going to be a doozie, as my mother would say. The kitchen has bunches and bunches of cabinets and trim. Oh boy!

I'll be doing some redecorating along the way too. Filling the cottage with new, crisp white decor that will be mostly homemade. I have a lot on my plate, don't I? I think I'm up to it though. This has been a long time coming and it will feel good to get some of this re-vamping out of the way! Sometimes I feel like by the time I get it all completed it will be time to start over again...Sheesh!

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