Friday, May 25, 2012

What I've Been Up To...

It's been slow going, but at least it's still going. Seems like the more I do aro und the cottage, the more I see that needs to be done. I'm taking a break right now to post photos from what I've been up to, and believe you-me, it's been plenty.

This is what the herb garden looked like last week. Not too appealing...
But with some mulch, it started coming together. The herbs do really well with the gravel that was left in this bed, it just doesn't look very pretty...

Much better, don't you think? I am absolutely loving the cilantro this year!

I had to burn some of the rotten wood that was torn off of the pre-coop building along with brush and limbs. Country Gal make fire :)

This was only the beginning for pine needles. What? Did I really think that four bales would be enough? It took a total of twenty and several trips to the Hay Rack in Landrum.

I'd say it was well worth the effort! Now, I'm going back to work!

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