Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Not Braggin', But....

My girls really are pretty. And sweet. And pretty messy too. Today was the day to 'clean' out the coop, if you get my drift... I've been doing a little decorating in it too. See those pink flip-flops? They're for the coop only. See those pink gloves? They're also for the coop only. Don't want to be spreading it around, you know?
I've chosen pink and green for the color scheme of the coop, just picking things up here and there as I find them. As soon as we can go for a few days with no rain, I'll be back out there with the paint brush. Seems like I carry one of those in my hands most days now, between painting in here and out there. I purchase the galvanized can you see there at the Hay Rack in Landrum today, for the babies feed. I wished they had offered one that was pink, how cool would that be? I noticed today that in my tool shed I have an old light fixture that's galvanized. Maybe I can rig up some sort of light out there....maybe a few pictures, a chair...
Of course the more you have out there for them to perch on, the more surfaces you have for them to poo on...Think I'll just stick to hanging things on the walls. Out of their reach...

Grace Ivey

Miss Lottie


  1. We should spray paint your can pink and put your Monogram on it in green :)

    just sayin'