Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh What A Beautiful Mornin'....

Good Sunday Morning! I sincerely hope the sun is shining for you today! I did go and get a pedi yesterday and it was WONDERFUL! So relaxing....and then I came back to the cottage, cleaned the bathroom, washed up some dishes and made dinner. So much for being relaxed by the pedicure! Dinner was easy though, a filet on the grill, chopped salad, baked potatoes, and toasty garlic bread. I'll go ahead and confess that I cleaned my plate. After clover mowing and nothing to eat yesterday, I was famished to say the least...and if I had a little more time, I could eat a huge breakfast this morning. Can you tell? Food takes up a lot of my brain space!
Wonder what's for dinner?
Y'all have a great day, I'm off to church!

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