Thursday, May 31, 2012

Furniture Redo (Redux)

G'morning y'all! I'm happy to report that my little furniture redo project is complete. Finally...
I've been wanting to paint this stuff for years. Somewhere around twenty five years ago I got a hankering to restore it to it's original white. You see, the top surface of it is Formica, so it cleans easily, no problem there. The sides and front were a different story...they wouldn't clean up, not even with TSP!
The ex-husband told me repeatedly that I shouldn't paint it, or any other furniture. Well, now that he's gone, I've started painting. This is only the beginning! Crazy woman with a paint brush! 
Watch out! 

See? It was YELLOW!

Now doesn't that look much better?

I'm no expert with paint exactly, but nothing ventured, nothing gained is what I figured, right?

Here's my how to:

I cleaned all of the surfaces to be painted with TSP substitute, and let it dry overnight. Be sure to use thick, disposable gloves when using TSP of any kind. 
I removed the handles from the drawers and cleaned them as well. They got several coats of spray paint that I bought at Lowe's for 99 cents per can. It worked great.
I used Olympic Fast Hide Interior Latex, semi gloss, commercial quality paint on the furniture. It worked wonderfully as well. I bought high density foam rollers for doors and cabinets and rolled every surface that I possibly could. For every thing I had to brush, I used an artist's brush, so that it would be smooth. Yes, it took a little extra time, but it was SO worth it! 
The new coats of paint have transformed my bedroom and my life! The best part of the redo? That gold trim is gone!
Next up? Bathroom cabinet, here I come!

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