Monday, May 14, 2012

Thanks Mommy!

I can't help it, I still think of her as 'mommy'. Even though I'm, ahem, fiftiesh, she's still my mommy. And the bestest mommy at that. I have a son of my own who is grown and dealing with some self inflicted issues right now. He's constantly in our prayers. So what does my mommy do? She mails me a card from her for Mother's Day and one from my son that she bought and signed his name to. If that isn't enough to bring tears to your eyes, she also bought me an outfit to wear for Mother's Day. She knew that I wouldn't get a card or gift from my son, so she stepped up and made it happen. And then on Sunday, instead of attending her church, she came to worship with me.
It isn't that I needed or expected anything for Mother's Day, it's just that she wanted to make it better. Isn't that what mommys do? Most of us who are mommies just want to make it better for our children, whatever their pain is. While I've tried relentlessly to make my own child's life better, and haven't been able to do that, my mommy was able to do that for me. She's quite a woman, let me tell you! I could write a novel about her life and how she's dealt with so much.
Oh, and let me add that she's quite a character as well. I guess when you've been through everything she has, you earn the right to be a 'character'. Thank you mommy, I love you dearly!

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