Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good Morning New Prospect!

The sun is out, the chickens have been fed and I'm spending the day in the gardens here at the cottage! I'm  excited about getting some new herbs in the ground and planting some seeds for a late summer veggie garden. I'm also excited about going over to Strawberry Hill for some breakfast, maybe pick up a plant or two, and just looking around. If you aren't familiar with Strawberry Hill, just click on our Facebook badge and you'll see their posts on our page, and while you're there, please click to like us! We're trying desperately to get thirty fan likes so we can have our own URL for our page :) We need some Cottage love!
 Peaches are already coming in here in New Prospect, but I'll be buying those from my neighbor Geary Jolley. His little fruit stand is right next door to the cottage, but that isn't the reason I buy them from him, it's because they're absolutely the best peaches ever! Spring Gold is his first variety, and they'll be followed by approximately fifty more. I see a peach cobbler in my near future! Y'all be blessed and have a good one!

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